To create an effective product or service, a project requires a solid process. While no two projects are the same, here’s what a typical process looks like:


Understand people, context and goals.

Kicking off with research, we work to gain a better understanding of the users and business. As well as understanding what the marketplace and competitors. With varying research techniques (from surveys to interviews to ethnography), we seek a deeper understanding of what the needs and opportunities are.



Set a clear vision.

When you focus on everything, you’re not focused on anything. Setting a clear vision for the product/service is a crucial step for all projects. 



Explore potentiality.

This is the fun part. Exploring all the potential solutions. Challenging ourselves to not stop at our first or second idea but to push the envelope. To work at it until we get to a space that is new and refreshing. Developing a series of design concepts for your product or service based on the research findings, inline with the set vision. Next will come refinement, but for now it's about pushing the limit and exploring.



Get into the details.

We will design and prototype form and function of the experience. Using wireframes to help define the framework, hierarchy, and flow. Behind every problem lies a big opportunity. Those big opportunities can be found in the details. In the design part of the process we'll work to solve and delight users with the details. Adding ease where we can, removing unnecessary decision points. concerned with how screens link to each other, how someone interacts with the product



Refine and evolve.

The beauty of digital in particular is that it is iterative. Through user testing and continuous monitoring of experience we'll discover critical points and opportunities for enhancement. We will improve the features and the design of your product or service, optimizing it and keeping it state-of-the-art.