Predictive Index

Industry: Human Resources
Role: Product Design & Strategy Lead

Product Redesign


Predictive Index

People are extremely complex. Predictive Index's science-based methodology allows you to understand what drives workplace behaviors so that you can ensure alignment, drive your team's success, and achieve your business objectives faster than you ever thought possible. 

Our primary task with the redesign was to enable PI to be a stand alone digital product. Improving the process to increase customer's confidence. Currently PI customers attend a workshop and their company works closely with a consultant to learn PI terminology, how to interpret the results and best use them. 


Phase 1: Research

Conducted surveys and 14 phone interviews with current PI customers and independent PI consultants. Key takeaways included:

  1. Without extensive coaching on how to use and understand PI, users lack confidence and the ability to use the tool properly

  2. The tool was great at highlighting disagreements of the responsibilities/needs of a role but stopped there. Coming to consensus was a challenge the company had to figure out on their own by reviewing the individual results, working with a PI consultant and/or an internal meeting.  

  3. There are six factor options, but depending on the role, some factors are not critical to a role. However, the tool did not currently allow for this flexibility. Instead it eliminated viable candidates from being interviewed or hired.


A comprehensive solution to a complex problem.

What was once a freeform experience, we packaged for each job profile. The linear process of requesting assessments, reviewing the inputs  and coming to consensus when necessary now removes the burden from the user to know how to move forward at each step.

This enabled us to easily educate participants. After all, PI has a learning curve that we cannot get away from. However, we can take advantage of each step of creating a job profile to educate and instill confidence.

When it comes to the output, we wanted to bring transparency and understanding. Incorporating the output to the assessment process we believe gives the participants more ownership and ensures they captured the proper requirements for the role. To do this we needed to break down the report to be understandable. The Factor Combinations (FCs) do just this. Highlighting the FCs enable people to easily walk away with a quick understanding of the desired profile.


Phase 2: UX Design

Know The Status and What's Next 
With a quick glance at the dashboard we can quickly know which Job Profiles are ready for review, which ones are still in progress and the Job Profiles that we want to request assessments for. 

Communicate Notes about the Role 
No longer receive an assessment request without some high level notes on the role. 

Review with The Group
When the team is not in alignment, the owner for the Job Profile can easily understand where the disagreements are amongst the participants. And coming to consensus is no longer a responsibility of the company but a step PI walks you through

The Job Profile Overview
The rich profile is easy to understand and dig deeper into. The behavioral styles are highlighted prominently. And the Job Pattern is there with a interactive pattern to fully understand the relationships. Top performers are easily identified. And no more bad hires.