Keet Health

Industry: Healthcare
Role: Design Researcher & Product Designer

Product Redesign


Keet Health

Keet Health is the all in one solution to providing exceptional patient experiences across the continuum of care. From doctors to physical therapists to the patient themselves, Keet is leading the way in patient relationship management software for musculoskeletal disease.

The goal: to redesign the interface for the documentation process to enable the physical therapist (PT) to spend more time with their patient and less time doing documentation. Finding smart ways to better equip the PTs and enhance the recovery process. 



Phase 1: Ethnographic Research

Conducted ethnographic research in Austin, Houston and Chicago. Key takeaways included:

  1. PTs are highly relational and people-oriented.

  2. PTs rely heavily on memory, and sort through old notes to find forgotten numbers/details when necessary.

  3. PTs bounce between multiple patients (often seeing 4 patients within an hour time span).

  4. PTs celebrate patient's progress – expressing their strong desire to get the patient back in action.

  5. PTs often wait until after visit (or EOD) to document, dreading the time consuming process.


Phase 2: UX Design


One of our primary goals for the physical therapist (PT) was to align the documentation process with their current flow. In other words, to design a system that they no longer have to conform to, but rather one that enriches the experience using technology to add value and remove unnecessary work for the PT.

The documentation process is consistently dreaded by each PT. Many systems have the documentation forms in a linear progression when in fact the PT's are bouncing around to different sections based on what the patient is communicating. Better utilizing the screen real estate we can accommodate these events by utilizing a two column grid.