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Hi there –

I'm Raika, an Experience Designer in Chicago. I'm a self-motivated individual who loves to solve big problems with human-centered design. My is focus is making conversational UI experiences.


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Through practical and seemingly simple designs, I work to create meaningful products, services and experiences. Designing elegant solutions to life's problems. 

With both a user centered and empathic design process, I seek to understand the user through observation. Designing solutions that pay attention to the user's feelings toward a product. Identifying  latent customer needs to create products that the customers don’t know they desire or have difficulty envisioning. I believe a designsolution should be holistic, taking both the user and business needs


into consideration throughout the design process. Valuing both the user and employee's satisfactions. After all, I seek to craft the overall experience, not just one aspect. 

With an intuitive sense of the bigger picture, I have an ability to translate abstract thoughts and a proclivity for thinking in long-term horizons. It is a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large. I see patterns where others simply see complexity. Always pushing into new territories.