AT&T Digital Life

Industry: Home Automation and Security
Role: UX Designer

Product Design


AT&T Digital Life

A state of the art home security and automation system with an intuitive interface for all ages. Digital Life offers a simple all-in-one app that lets you stay connected to home from almost anywhere. Bridging the gap between the world of home security and home automation. 

With the on-the-go lifestyle these days, we sought a design that would move with you throughout your day. Tablet at the core, a sleek app and website enabled you to check your home from anywhere. 

Simple, easy, and smart we're the keywords we kept top of mind during the design process. 




With the ability to personalize your home to adapt to everyday life, Digital Life is flexible to meet your needs. Providing integrated control of your home security and automation services. Spaces enables you to visually see the system installed throughout your home. With many ways of going about capturing one's home, we landed on a solution that allows you view your home, they way you see it.

Spaces, enables you to quickly create a visual representation of you home. An intuitive setup phase allows you to personalize and individualize your blueprints as much as you like.  And offers a timeline to view past and scheduled events.

From simple device controls to robust home automation. Digital Life makes life a little bit easier, and more fun.