Industry: Automotive
Role: UX Designer

Digital Out of Home


Bridgestone + Firestone

The store of the future.

Bridgestone partnered with Razorfish to rethink the in-store tire buying experience for pilot stores in Colorado and upstate New York. New tires are a big purchase. Not only are tires expensive, automobile safety is one of the biggest deciding factor. After all, they are the only part of your car touching the road. 

We worked to create engaging digital tools for consumers to engage with throughout the purchasing process – pre-store, in-store, and post-purchase. The tools combined with the knowledgeable sales associates increase efficiency, deliver personalized recommendations and create an approachable, less intimidating tire-buying experience.

A mobile app, sales tablet app, in-store digital tire advisor and other in-store digital screens helped consumers feel confident and comfortable. The consumers no longer had to rely solely on the associate and prior research. The tire facts were brought into the conversation utilizing the different tools. Delivering the ultimate consumer experience. 

The objective: To help the consumer make a confident and informed tire purchase. To support, not replace, the store associate. And facilitate a better relationship better the consumer and store associate. 


The Wall


The Tire Advisor wall is the heart of the digital experience. Engaging consumers with key brand messaging and promotions. The wall offers different levels of engagement. An experience that empowers the sales associate, seamlessly integrating with the sales app, creating a co-shopping experience. 

The wall offers consumers the ability to get the experience started with or without the associate. Entering their vehicle information in a simple manner. The Tire Advisor displays personalized sub-brands ideal for their make/model/year. From here the consumer can learn more about features and strengths based on the consumers driving needs and conditions. 

Once the consumer engages with the sales associate they can discover the specific tires that best meet their needs, car and budget. Learning all they need to know, guiding their decision with customer reviews and the associate's expertise. All while building positive brand awareness and loyalty, creating exposure for consumers in the store for other services. 

The Mobile Site


The mobile site acts like a personal shopping assistant for the consumer. Research is a big part of the decision making process. The site enables the consumer to experience the tire advisor experience. Entering their make/model/year to receive personalized sub-brand recommendations. And enabling the consumer to take the next step for there, scheduling their in-store experience. 

The decision may not be made in one visit. The mobile component allows the user to take their recommendation into the store, or after a consultation home or shared with the key decision maker.

Post-purchase the experience continues on. Building a relationship with the retailer – consumers have the opportunity to receive co-op offers from the retailer, reward offerings and vehicle maintenance alerts. A VIP experience.